Can You Smell That?

It All Began With A Modest Concept: Create Amazing Coffee

Coffee is our craft, our ritual, our passion and we want to share it with you.

About Us


Est. in 2013, BisiBean is a small batch, specialty coffee roaster supplying coffee enthusiasts across South Africa. We offer online trading, but you can smell our beans roasting from the beautiful tourism town of Hartbeespoort in the North-West Province, at the foot of the Magalies Mountain range.

Our beans are freshly roasted and needs to be tasted to be appreciated. We would love for you to try some real “dam good” coffee.

The proof is in what you see, smell and taste!!!

If you love good coffee and would like us to supply your restaurant, coffee shop, lodge, B&B, retail shop or anywhere where good coffee is appreciated, we are here for you!!

The process is easy! You order, We supply.

Our Coffee

We have always preferred sourcing African beans, and the reason is simple. We are in Africa (buy local), and for us it just tastes better than coffee from other regions.


We try to always keep our standard range available, but with coffee being one of the most popular drinks in the world, it might happen from time to time that we offer something else. (Mmm, which might be a good thing to experiment a little). We offer our own blends and some single origin beans.

Our Blends (100% Arabica)

Mountain blend (Medium)

Named after the majestic Magalies mountain range, backdrop to Hartbeespoort. Smooth caramel and earthy tones. Makes a very smooth Cappuccino and easy drinkable plunger or filter pot. 

Vintage Blend (Medium)

Named after the rich history in the Hartbeespoort/Magalies area. Fruity, rounded with hints of Cinnamon & Black Current. Slightly darker than our Mountain Blend, this blend is popular when brewed as filter or plunger (French Press)

African Dusk (Medium/Dark)

This is our top seller and named after the incredible sunsets over the Hartbeespoort dam, this unique blend is a good all-round coffee for espresso and pour over drinks. Earthy nutty flavours, slightly spicy, medium to full body.

Saartjies Reserve (Dark)

Named after the historical Saartjies nek road leading to Hartbeespoort from Pretoria. Rich, creamy, full body. Red wine and dark Chocolate undertones.

Single Origin

Ethiopian (Medium Roast)

Our offering here varies but mostly stock Limu, Sidamo or Lekempti, please enquire. Ethiopian coffees are known for its fruity and flowery characteristics with a light to medium body

Tanzania (Medium and Dark)

Coffee from Tanzania is usually bright, rich in flavour, and has a wine-like acidity – which is one of the reasons it is so sought after. We found a way to roast it in a medium and dark offering and the tastes are quite different and delicious.

Our medium roast is extremely fragrant and very smooth on the pallet, tastes of caramel whereas our dark roast is wine-like with a good body. Always produces a good cup of coffee. 

Uganda (Dark)

Beans from Uganda has grown on us over the years, and we are at a stage where we feel we have found its roasting sweet spot. This is really a unique coffee with a good full body, bold flavour. We mainly try and stock Bugiso or Mount Elgon, please enquire.


Please enquire what is available, decaf coffee can be very scarce and sought after making it difficult to procure.

 Talk to us should you require a special or signature blend for your business, branding and packaging can be arranged accordingly.

Coffee Makers

We teamed up with Jura SA as an agent for the Jura auto bean-to-cup coffee machines. We found the Jura machines to bring out the best in our beans. Jura’s technology is designed to get the very best out of every blend and degree of roast.

There Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) ensures maximum flavour for short specialities, while intelligent preheating guarantees the ideal temperature right from the first cup. Perfect enjoyment guaranteed. JURA’s DNA has been defined by innovation, precision, quality, reliability, sustainability, and service. The Swiss company is the only brand anywhere in the world to focus solely on premium automatic speciality coffee machines and is clearly positioned as a specialist in this market.

The JURA brand has stood for the highest quality, pioneering innovation, first-class design, and sustainability in practice since 1931.

Please contact us for a quotation on the first and only coffee machine you will need for life!! 

Please contact us by filling out the form below if you would like more information about our products and services or just want to ask a question.